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The red nile

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The red Nile. A biography of the worlds greatest river. Robert Twigger. 2014. So much begins on the banks of the Nile: all religion, all life, all stories, the script we write in, the language we speak, the gods, the legends and the names of stars. This mighty river that flows through a quarter of all Africa has been history's most sustained creator. In this dazzling, idiosyncratic journey from ancient times to the Arab Spring, award-winning author Robert Twigger weaves a Nile narrative like no other. As he navigates a meandering course through the history of the world's greatest river, he plucks the most intriguing, colourful and dramatic stories - truly a Nile red in tooth and claw. The result is both an epic journey through the whole sweep of human and pre-human history, and an intimate biography of the curious life of this great river, overflowing with stories of excess, love, passion, splendour and violence.

Zuid-Afrika, geschiedenis, historische klassieker, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenia, Ethiopie, Sudan, Uganda, Egypte 

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  • Model: Afrika
  • ISBN: 9781780220932
  • The red nile
  • Schrijver: Robert Twigger
  • Subtitle: Biography of the worlds greatest river
  • Uitgever: Weinfeld Nicolson
  • Nieuwste editie: ja
  • Taal: Engels

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